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Community-based Student Rotations

The Pipeline, Profession & Practice: Community-Based Dental Education (Dental Pipeline) program assigns clinically competent senior dental students to community clinics and practices to treat underserved patients. By forging partnerships with community sites, the program delivers care where it is needed most and provides senior students an excellent educational experience.

Senior students spend an average of 60 days in patient-centered community facilities by the fourth program year and acquire clinical experience and cultural competency by treating large numbers of underserved patients.

This teaching model results in more care to patients and a more diverse clinical experience for students. By using this model, the Dental Pipeline program will have a direct and immediate impact on improving access and oral health. In the short-term, more underserved patients gain better access to care. In the longer term, this positive community experience may influence graduates’ to treat vulnerable populations in their private practices or work in safety net health centers.


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